Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Almost There...

So, I set a goal of watching at least 100 films from 2007, and right now I'm at 91, so I think between now and the 31st I can manage to squeeze in 9 more (including the one I have from Netflix right now.)

Around New Year's, I will hope to do a top 100 based on what I could see. October was crowded with releases that I missed due to piling on too many movies at one time and a busy social calendar, and most of those films are not coming out on DVD until February. On top of that, thanks to the platform release schedule so many films opt for, a lot of films like Atonement and There Will be Blood won't be opening here until early '08. But I feel fairly confident that I'll have seen everything I intend to see by early March.

Until then, I will say that thia fall has really redeemed the year in film, unexpectly so. Of the top 10 I originally posted, only one remains, and a lot of my rankings have changed based upon subsequent viewings and more time to think about them.

But, if nothing else, I just wanted to post something to keep both of my readers satisfied.

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