Tuesday, September 4, 2007

For Those Who've Been Reading...

First, thanks for keeping up with the site, despite my little lapse in posting.

I've been trying to think of films to write about, but I keep realizing that for many films I love, it has simply been far too long since I've seen many of them to where I could write anything worth reading.

As far as my viewing habits as of late, I just can't say I've been impressed with much of anything, whether commercial or arthouse. Since Tampa has become a cinematic wasteland over the past year or so, a lot of films I wanted to see have thus far passed us by, so I think I'll just have to wait until Netflix releases them.

The only thing worth a damn in theaters right now is The Bourne Ultimatum, although I also enjoyed The Valet a good deal. On DVD, I've been catching up with some film I've always meant to see, but haven't quite gotten around to. Currently, I'm knee deep in The Up Series, which I am enjoying so far.

If you haven't already seen them, I would recommend The Lives of Others and The Lookout on DVD, as well as Ten Canoes, which is being released on the 25th, according to Amazon.

I hope to have something up by the weekend, but no promises, and until then, it seems we can skip the theaters for awhile and get caught up on some good DVD while we wait for something worth the time and effort.

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